Order Process

Purchase Your Wrap

Purchase your wrap with the options you want.  You will receive a confirmation email from us about your order.

Order Goes To Octane Designer

We have now received your order.  If your wrap is for a stock kit we will go directly to Print.  If your wrap requires logos or anything custom, our professional design team will take your order and start the design process.  When your proof is ready we will send you an email with your design.  After receiving the email proof, please look that over and email us back with changes or if approved, we will go to print.  

Wrap Goes To Print

If your wrap is a stock kit or after approval your custom designed wrap will then go to print, laminate and cut.  


After your wrap is printed and preped for shipping you will receive an email detailing your shipping confirmation and tracking number.  

Receiving Your Wrap

When you receive your wrap, unpackage and lay out flat.  After you have cleanned and prepped the sled use our installation guide and install your wrap.  We recommend you purchase the Octane Application Kit.


We will install your wrap, at our location, for you at an additional cost of $99.00.  

Our Wraps are printed from the best material in the motorsport market.    

The order process can take upwards of a week or two to complete.  

We ship everything USPS with tracking.